25 Feb 2011

exhibition aftermath

A glowing review of our exhibition has been written on Listomania Bath, here is what Penny Century has said about my drawings - 
"...Work that is the result of an experience or journey like the thoughtful, contemplative collection of prints in the book displayed by Naomi Wood set right next to the absurd, humorous insanity experienced by Callum Robey who spent 48 hours in a cupboard and drew the results in stark black and white; My best friends are plaster crack faces!"
So far we have had some really positive feedback from the exhibition and it's definitely something that we plan to do again later in the year. Jon, Caitlin, and Naomi have all posted photos from the opening night. The work will be up until Tuesday March 1st so you've got plenty of time to get to the old AV shop and have a look. Event on Facebook here.